Action Now to raise £10000 to help reach out and provide support, training, and equip people from all backgrounds with the necessary tools to overcome financial difficulties and take control of their wellbeing.

Prince Caesar – Director and member of the Northamptonshire Black Communities Together said: We believe that ACTION NOW is a great project that will benefit the local community through these challenging times ahead. The £10000 we hope to raise through Aviva Community Fund/Crowdfunding will enable us to continue the provision of needed essential services and support to over 1000 families alone this year.

ACTION NOW will have a huge impact on the communities through the provision of training, and the right tools to be more financially independent we will be able to tackle loneliness and isolation, mental health-related problems, and increase income levels as a result of the support provided, reduce the reliance on benefits and prepare young people for work. Equip them with the right tools to be successful. Improve the chances for ethnic minorities in the job market and disadvantaged people in our community for better integration and build resilience against any future eventualities.

Jude Brooks, UK Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Aviva, said; “We
know that even the smallest charities can have a massive impact in building stronger communities. The ambition of the Aviva Community Fund is ‘Teach a man to fish’ rather than ‘Give a man a fish’. By focussing on training and coaching from Aviva’s people, as well as enabling fundraising we hope to help causes become more self-sustaining.

We are extremely proud to support BAK UP CIC and look forward to enabling them to bring ideas to life. By caring more about our community today we can all create a better future tomorrow, so we hope the local community feels inspired to support their crowdfunding campaign too.” Many people are currently feeling the impact of the high cost of living and already wondering how there are going to get school uniforms and other essentials for when their children return back to school. ACTION NOW will ensure that the challenges through these unprecedented times are manageable for many people.

Our Crowdfunder project website is

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