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We have here some of the amazing collections for you on Mothers Day! Happy shopping. Micro HiFi-System Compact Stereo Systems- CD Player, Bluetooth, FM Radio, AUX-IN, USB playback, 2-Way Clear Sound Music System, DSP-Tech Nyxi Round Compact Folding Stool for Home Office Alvoxcon Wireless Headset Lavalier Microphone System Dual Wireless Lapel Mic for iPhone, DSLR […]

Check and book a good and affordable hotel. We had a very great time in a very nice English hotel in Comwell that created a lasting memory for they family. The kids are looking forward to visit that same hotel again despite the two and half hours travel. It is about the experience and the

I find amazon prime really cool. To have the opportunity to watch and then make a decision afterwards is great! I guess not all businesses can do the same with their products. Use this link to check the free 30 Days Amazon prime.

Laptops that you can afford Look no further, there are 1000s of laptops for everyday needs. Just click here to see what is on offer.

THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION IS NOW! Action Now to raise £10000 to help reach out and provide support, training, and equip people from all backgrounds with the necessary tools to overcome financial difficulties and take control of their wellbeing. Prince Caesar – Director and member of the Northamptonshire Black Communities Together said: We believe that ACTION NOW

We are celebrating the benefits of the Windrush Generation after the second world war. Partnership and donations are welcome to help struggling families especially those from the BAME backgrounds.

BAK UP CIC SUPPORTING COMMUNITIES WITHIN EAST NORTHAMPTONSHIRE   BAK UP is a Community Interest company just moved into The Enterprise Centre in Raunds to serve the communities within East Northamptonshire back up through the pandemic and post-COVID 19. The Director, Prince Caesar spoke passionately about the work that BAK UP CIC had done so far by supporting

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