Our Vision & Goals


Vision Mission and objectives


  • Our mission is to improve the lives of ordinary people.
  • Create resilience and community cohesion.
  • Provide opportunities for young people up to age 25
  • Provide various opportunities for the vulnerable, disabled and the disadvantaged. 
  • To partner with businesses and organisations to create a long-term impact for local initiatives and local charities.


  1. Provide counselling for people between the ages of 16 to 48 years within East Northamptonshire
  2. Provide mobile emergency food relief package within the local communities.
  3. Run various programs, training, and projects that empower communities, build resilience and community cohesion including Windrush generation and Black History Month among others.
  4. Provide local charities with emergency supplies to support their localities.
  5. Tackle loneliness and isolation among older adults and young people through the provision of a dedicated phone line, befriending services and physical activities including cycling. 
  6. Provide support for refugees, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged.


  1. Courage, self-realisation, self – awareness, respect, tolerance, resilient
  2. Avoid destitution and provide a way out of serious hardship.
  3. Up Skill, gainful employment, and independence
  4. Combat loneliness, mental health and liberate those trapped in their homes. Provide quick response and solution to problems identified through referrals.
  5. Close collaboration with local authorities to address the needs faced by most people.
  6. Improve well-being and happiness.
  7. More opportunities for young people up to age 25 through the expansion of existing and new services.

partner with us

BAKUP is a community interest company that seeks to empower ordinary people, single parents, older adults, the vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals to get back up on their feet and to overcome financial difficulties and improve their lives and mental wellbeing.

We don’t only provide emergency food support. As the needs of these people differ, we aim to tailor our services to the unique and common problems faced by the community that we serve. In our attempt to provide and support the local communities the vital assistance of our volunteers cannot be understated. These people give their valuable time, and we try to cover their meal and travel expenses so that they can continue working with us to provide the tools and skills that will enable people to overcome not just financial difficulties but emotional and mental challenges as well.

We do have gaps in terms of the food donations we get and most at times we have to dig into our coffers to provide an emergency support that can’t wait for the next round of donations. Again, we do get request for support that are not food related, like shoes, gloves, blankets, kids’ food among others.

We aim to provide basic IT skills especially to older people to ensure that they can order their medications online and perform simple tasks without having to wait for hours. Our online courses require laptops and a PCs as a prerequisite. We are able to help more people and give especially young people opportunities to explore and engage in creative writing, and music. If you are a business and have laptops, PCs and accessories to donate we would like to hear from you.



We would like to thank our partners below

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