Currently the project will be utilising the same space as that of other agencies due to a collaboration with the Local Authority. This choice is necessary at this point due to reduced cost, access to market, ease of access for clients and parking requirement.

As we aim to provide short term emergency food relief, we will seek to approve those who are destitute and those on any kind of benefit from the local authority or national government. This method will enable us to first find and support those who are really in need.

PROJECT 2 Agenda4change

Services offered
1. Phlebotomy
2. Mental Health
3. Schools
4. Environment
5. Employment Support 


Bakup long term goal is to acquire properties and lands through collaboration with passionate partners within East Northamptonshire to provide bespoke services that will lift all of the people within our communities to live a life of Dignity, Love and Respect.

We would like to thank our partners below

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