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Working in collaboration with Statutory Authorities, VCSE, Local communities, and other strategic partners to provide essential and needed support through the provision of easily accessible information for public benefit. This is vital for small businesses, individuals and organisations to be up-to date will local issues.

We know that each situation is unique and requires a holistic approach.

Prince Caesar

Build Trust and Rapport:

  • Establish a trusting relationship to create a safe space for the young person.
  • Demonstrate empathy and active listening to validate their feelings.

Encourage Communication:

  • Encourage open and honest communication to help them express their thoughts and feelings.
  • Provide non-judgmental and supportive responses to build a sense of understanding.
  • Connect with Professional Resources:
  • Connect the young person with mental health professionals, counselors, or therapists who specialize in youth issues.
  • Provide information on local helplines and crisis intervention services.

Involve Family and Guardians:

  • If appropriate, involve family members or guardians in the support process.
  • Facilitate family counseling or mediation to address underlying family issues.

Arnorld Clark Community fund

Your unwavering commitment has enabled us to alleviate the struggles of over 1500 families and individuals facing financial hardship through your generous contributions to our feeding program is nothing short of extraordinary.

Empowering small businesses. Providing strategic leadership & Motivation to ignite positive change and sustainable goals



Our organisation plays a strategic role in equipping and supporting small businesses to build resilience and sustainable plan

Business development and mentoring

Training and skills development

Technology and digital support

Networking and collaboration opportunities

Sustainability and environmental initiatives

  • Additional Services

Active wellbeing,

Young engagement

Family Support


Befriending services for older adults over 65 years

Free phone call to talk and support mental wellbeing

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Partner with us to make a positive change 
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cost of living crisis!

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Thanks to all our strategic partners. Businesses, organisations and individuals can collaborate with us to deliver great service in the West and North Northamptonshire. 

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Our work covers the West and North Northamptonshire  

“We only have what we give.”

Isabel Allende





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Do you require food we can help.

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Young Parents U21

Research shows that young people do face loneliness and isolation. In one of our case studies a single parent said her mental

wellbeing would have improved drastically had she received some form of support in caring for her children to enable her have a brief moment of  ‘ME Time’

Part of our services with young people is to support them through the early stages of parenthood and support them in the process to make an informed decision about their future and close the inequality gap.

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Due to the current climate, the demand for Bakup emergency support relief will increase by two-thirds during the next calendar year leading to a sharp rise of 1460 families who will need support to get back up. On the whole, we will be looking at 17,400 tonnes of food and non-food items for these families.   In our history as a people, anytime we have stood together we did thrive and overcame adversities and I know that we shall overcome together.Thanks to all our volunteers who worked selflessly and continue throughout this pandemic to put a smile on the faces of all the families we have had the privilege to serve. We wish you all a great festivity and looking forward to working with you all in 2021 to get many Bakup to live a life of Dignity, Love and Respect.


Due to the support of our strategic partners BAK UP CIC is able to  provide support to families with children and people who are struggling due to the cost of living crisis 

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Features and Benefits Analysis


We provide a listening and signposting service to other organisations


Properly handle and manage emotional, psychological, and mental issues in a more realistic and safe manner


Provision of telephone support helpline for older adults:


Overcome boredom, social isolation and improve mental health.


Provision of emergency food, clothes, and basic essential needs support to those identified through consultation or in short-term crisis


Overcome short-term food poverty through mobile and controlled pick up. Alleviate stress and depression.


Provision of fully online certified training programmes and mentoring


Alternative pathway for single parents, individuals to gain employment in a different area of work and to apply for jobs confidently and professionally.

Organisation challenge!

BAK UP CIC provide tools and skills that is aimed at organisations that do not have Black leaders at strategic levels or are struggling to recruit Black leaders.

Get in touch and see how we can help your organisation become more diverse and inclusive.

As a Black-led organisation we can support your organisation for a better integration.

Passion at work

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Supporting Our Community

We would like to thank our Partners and Donors



If you are a cooperative body or organisation or individual philanthropist and would like to partner with us to support our communities, raise standards, build resilience, and provide opportunities for those from less represented backgrounds then use this link.

Thank you for choosing BAK UP CIC

BAK UP CIC is a charity company with registration number 12994374.


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