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Check and book a good and affordable hotel. We had a very great time in a very nice English hotel in Comwell that created a lasting memory for they family. The kids are looking forward to visit that same hotel again despite the two and half hours travel.

It is about the experience and the memories that stays with you long after the visit. Check some of the hotels in Europe which can fit your budget this summer by using this link

Are you thinking about visiting Ghana and enjoy the sunshine? Well has amazing hotels. Take a look, The last time I took the family to Ghana we had the best time of our lives. The food was great, the people where very warm and the reception was remarkable. Apart from the city, there are other places that you can visit and have a great time. Either as a family or being all by yourself to explore the vast land an its beauty. Click here to see other areas and hotels in and around the city of Accra.

Kumasi has a very rich culture and warm people. A very busy town that hardly rest. The energy of the people and their art works is a sight to behold. Having a hotel that is strategically located to enable you to see all the beautiful thing in Kumasi is very key to a happy and exciting visit. Here you will find some of the hotels through for a peace of mind and a fulfilled adventure of a life time.

Cape Coast is another important place in Ghana. To learn more about Slave trade. Elmina Castle is a breath taking place. Having gone through the chapel, and the places where most people from West African where locked up before being led to sea into a distance shore will leave you cold and out of words. You can book a hotels close to the castle through and have more time exploring these wonderful and thought provoking places at Cape Coast.

You need soft landing shoes to wear in Ghana due to the heat. click here There are other shoes in different sizes to help you walk comfortably across the city. MakeUp will be a bonus!

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