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BAK UP is a Community Interest company just moved into The Enterprise Centre in Raunds to serve the communities within East Northamptonshire back up through the pandemic and post-COVID 19.

The Director, Prince Caesar spoke passionately about the work that BAK UP CIC had done so far by supporting 1000s of people across various communities within North, Northamptonshire and he is very optimistic about the impact the services will have across East Northamptonshire and feels very excited about the future.

BAK UP will be operating from Monday to Friday from 10:00am-15:00pm.

BAK UP will offer the following services

  1. Emergency food and toiletries intervention relief.
  2. Support for young parents under 21 dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression.
  3. Befriending services for older adults over 65 years (Free phone call to talk and support mental wellbeing)
  4. Phlebotomy (Theory and Dry Lab Phlebotomy Course)
  5. Essential digital skills
  6. Functional skills (English, Maths, ICT) and GCSE
  7. Recruitment Services (Getting our communities back to work)

We look forward to working alongside and partnering with all interested groups and organisations with shared interest to make a difference in East Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties.

BAK UP CIC, Address: The Enterprise Centre NN9 6GR


Phone: 01933698347. Email:

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